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Oftentimes, palliative care is mistaken for treatment when it is a form of care given to the elderly for a better quality of living while recovering from their ailments. Palliative care is a type of care given, in hospice or in the comfort of the patient’s home, for the elderly who are experiencing traumatic diseases and illnesses or recovering from a surgical procedure. Although they might still need medical attention, palliative care nurses only assist doctors and do not diagnose or administer treatment to patients. In the event that a patient needs medical treatment, the palliative care nurse would know what to do and make the right call in this situation.

Palliative Care Virginia Beach VA has a team of well-trained, professional care nurses who assist the elderly resume on their recovery to be able to return to their daily activities smoothly and properly. We make sure to give a holistic approach to recovery without stressing out our patient which is the best way possible to resume normalcy in their life. Our team of professionals have years of experience in providing the appropriate care and attention that a palliative care patient needs.


Palliative Care Virginia Beach VA has a variety of services to choose from. Most commonly, the elderly patient we care for prefers to stay at home. For that matter, our caregivers provide their service in the comfort of the patient’s home. With proper communication and collaboration with the patient’s physicians, our caregiver would be responsible for administering and managing medicine prescribed by the doctor. Apart from that, the patient would be assisted by the caregiver with their daily activities such as bathing, dressing, and eating. If the physician advises, the caregiver would also assist the patient during their therapies that are necessary for the patient’s recovery.

In other cases, our palliative care services in the facility are availed by families who believe that their loved one would be able to recuperate better in a facility than at home. Our hospice palliative care is known throughout the state as one of the best. Our in-house regimen for recovery helps our patient not only with their ailment but also with other aspects of living. Since our facility houses not only palliative care residents but also our senior center and community, our patients have an opportunity to socialize which may motivate them to recover faster. Just like our home palliative care service, the hospice staff will be assisting the patient with their daily activities and help with recuperative therapy. In addition, our facility provides residences complete with amenities and has activities and programs to boost our residents’ morale by visiting each other. This way, they would not feel alone as they recover from the illness that they are battling. It will also give them a tighter sense of security being with people around them who genuinely care for them.


It is crucial to give the right care and ample attention to elderly patients under palliative care. Our facility is always ready to welcome patients anytime! If you want to know more details about our other services such as the home palliative care service, do not hesitate to call us. We will be more than happy to provide you with the best care you will ever receive. Put your trust on Palliative Care Virginia Beach VA and we will do the rest for you.