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How to Choose the Best Hospice Care for your Loved One

If your loved one decides to receive hospice care, family members must look for the best hospice care provider. It is not impossible to find the best hospice care in Virginia Beach as there are several hospice care providers around the area. Here are some tips on how to find the best hospice care for your loved one.

  1. Evaluate the agency qualifications.

    Choose the hospice that is Medicare-certified so that Medicare will cover your loved one. You should also ask if their staff is certified to provide hospice care. This will help you determine if they have specialized education and training in providing hospice care for terminally ill patients.

    You can assure high-quality care if the agency is accredited since a hospice can only be accredited if it meets the qualifications set by a regulating organization. To be accredited, the hospice facility has to apply voluntarily and pay a fee. Then, onsite visits are conducted to see if they follow medical practices, procedures, and policies.

  2. Ask about the services they offer.

    Hospice facilities have to provide essential services; however, some offer more services to address the patients’ needs better. You must know the amenities and services offered by the agency to make an informed decision. Ask if they have freestanding facilities where patients can live in a home-like setting. Also, you should know if they provide support anytime, whether it is on nights and weekends. This is to make sure you can call them in anytime you need assistance. Determine what pre-existing treatments they offer to ensure they provide the care and treatment your loved one needs. Do they also offer inpatient care and continuous care? Ask as many questions as you can about what they can offer and their services.

  3. Narrow down your list.

    Cancel the hospice facilities that do not provide the services, medication, and equipment your loved one needs. You should also check the online reviews from their previous clients. Make sure that those reviews are honest. By narrowing down your list, will make it easier for you to choose a suitable hospice facility.

  4. Interview and keep notes.

    Set up an appointment with more than one hospice and interview them to ensure all needs are covered. Write down all the questions you need to ask in advance so that you will not forget anything. While conducting an interview, observe the staff’s attitude and how they answer your question. This will help you determine how they manage the facility and how they treat their clients. Make sure to record your conversation for future use.

    You have to make sure that they will not charge you for the initial meeting and you should not be obliged to choose a given agency. Visit the facility if they offer inpatient care. Do not forget to take notes during the tour.

    After choosing a hospice facility, you should notify your loved one’s doctor. They will contact the hospice program director to make a referral or a formal request.

Hospice Virginia Beach VA

Our hospice Virginia Beach VA is designed for terminally ill patients and focuses on relieving symptoms and maintaining comfort. We strive to meet all your loved one’s needs, from medical needs to psychological and spiritual needs. We provide hospice care wherever the patient wants to receive and feel comfortable, whether in their home or an assisted living facility. Hospice Virginia Beach VA is covered by Medicare and other insurance.


To know more about our hospice Virginia Beach VA, you may contact us anytime. We have staff to answer all your questions 24/7.