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Care and Independence At Home retirement Virginia Beach Va

Home retirement Virginia Beach Va has been creating exciting Continuing Care Retirement Communities that are full of the spirit of adventure, fellowship, care, and fun for the elderly. Our worry-free, wellness-focused lifestyles are complemented by personalized support and health-care services that allow residents to thrive.

The home health agency Virginia Beach, VA's mission is to provide cutting-edge wellness programs and facilities, as well as a broad spectrum of medical care services that few other senior living communities can match.

Aging At Home with home health agencies Virginia Beach VA

You are not alone if you have given thought to where you will live when you grow older and have chosen to remain at home. According to one survey, nearly 90% of seniors over the age of 65 decide to stay at home rather than move into a nursing home or assisted living facility. While aging at home is always the preferred choice, here are some advantages of choosing the best home care in Virginia Beach.

  • Aging in Place Saves Money

    The cost of nursing homes and assisted living facilities is high. When you consider that many seniors have almost paid off their mortgages, with over 20% of those aged 65 to 74 having paid them off entirely, remaining at home becomes even more appealing.

    Furthermore, many seniors have friends or family nearby who can help when needed, and communities have support programs for seniors that enable them to stay at home without paying for additional treatment.

  • It's More Comfortable to Age in Place.

    Aging in place provides a level of privacy that is lacking in many live-in facilities. Your favorite chair, rather than a hospital bed, your mattress, the room you're used to, the temperature, the smells, and just the familiarity of the space all contribute to the ease of being at home.

  • Aging in place can help to slow the progression of memory loss.

    Memory loss is a frightening prospect for many people as they get older, and moving into a new setting, especially an institutional environment, can exacerbate memory loss.

    A decline in cognitive capacity may be delayed due to improved social network connections and the ability to maintain your current social network that comes with remaining in your group.

    The comfort of your surroundings can also help to stimulate memory recall. Smell, for example, is one of the most effective memory facilitators, and studies have shown that scents improve memory retention in Alzheimer's patients in the early stages. Staying in your own home allows you to be surrounded by familiar sights, sounds, and smells, which helps you stay cognitively linked.

  • Aging in Place Makes The Social Network Stronger

    Aging in place helps seniors to maintain and extend their existing social networks. It not only allows seniors to remain close to their current mates, but it also allows them to host social activities if they so choose.

    Since many neighborhoods have vibrant and active community centers, service opportunities, and other senior organizations, seniors also find that their social network expands dramatically when they reach the age to join the old center groups and programs.

  • Self-Determination

    After working for the majority of your life, retirement should be about doing whatever you want. Seniors who stay at home are more relaxed and can make their own decisions on several issues. In contrast to a nursing home or assisted living facility, where you must adhere to a group schedule, you are in control of arranging activities even with live-in or occasional in-home support.

    Visitors and meal times are limited in particular community living circumstances. Aging in position also helps you to have hold of your surroundings. Stuff like remodeling, repainting, rearranging furniture, redecorating, and even controlling the thermostat might not be feasible in some living circumstances.

Aging in place with home retirement Virginia Beach Va is the best way to preserve independence, particularly for seniors who only need occasional assistance.


Is there anyone you know who might need to age in place? Via personalized home care options, home health agencies Virginia makes life at home easier for seniors. Call us to learn more about our programs and our free in-home consultation by contacting your local office.